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Roll In Shower Stalls

For the elderly and individuals who rely on a wheelchair for daily mobility, one of the most difficult—and dangerous—tasks can be getting into and out of a standard step-in bath tub. Even shower stalls are frequently not designed with wheelchairs in mind, often requiring a step or metal frames or tracks that must be negotiated.

There is a solution that will make yours or your loved one’s life easier, safer, and more independent: Install a roll-in shower. Also known as a handicapped shower, a roll-in shower is fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA compliant). The base is entirely barrier free, with the base of the shower level to your floor, or with a small beveled incline.

Roll-in showers are a proven safe method for seniors or those with disabilities to gain independence in their homes.

Roll-in Shower Features

At Health System Services, we understand the challenges seniors and the disabled face. We also believe you or your loved one should feel comfortable in your home. Our roll-in showers are equipped with a number of amenities and safety features to do just that:

  • Our roll-in showers are consistent with ADA suggested shower dimensions.
  • We can install both shower booths and stalls with roll-in shower pans that will fit existing drains.
  • Grab bars on each wall make navigating inside the shower easy and safe.
  • Roll-in showers can be equipped with their own chairs that feature tilted seats.
  • Trench drains prevent water from pooling or spilling onto the bathroom floor upon exit.
  • Curbless entry and exit for all models.

Who can benefit from a roll-in shower?

According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, 56.7 million Americans are living with a physical disability that can make daily showering in a traditional step-in tub more difficult or dangerous. Individuals reliant on wheelchairs will benefit from the curbless feature. Seniors with limited mobility will find the walk-in option easier to navigate.


The first question you need to answer is whether the shower is part of a full bathroom remodel, or a simple replacement of your existing shower stall or step-in tub. There are various models that will fit standard shower stall and tub sizes. Our trained experts can help you select the right model for your home.


Cleaning a roll-in shower can be just as easy, if not easier than a traditional step-in tub that requires someone to lean over the edge and strain to reach interior tub walls and corners. Because the roll-in tub is more accessible it makes cleaning easier.


Again, this depends on the model you select. The most inexpensive models start at roughly the same cost as a traditional tub kit. Larger models can run several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost of roll-in showers because they are not considered durable medical equipment. Payment plans are available to help make the purchase cost more affordable.

Do you think a roll-in shower stall might be the right solution for your home? Schedule your free consultation today!


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