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Perfect for Straight or Curved Stairs

As we age, the parts about our homes we once enjoyed the most—a fully finished basement, quiet second-floor bedrooms away from the rest of the house—can become an inconvenience, or even worse, a health hazard. Stairs can be difficult for many people, and for many reasons. You’ve already answered the obvious question: “Why buy a stairlift?” Answer: For seniors and individuals with limited mobility or a physical disability, stairlifts can be the key that unlocks full enjoyment of your home. There are still some obvious questions. Which stairlift to buy? What dealer should you use? Health Systems Services can provide a free consultation and in-home assessment and set you on the path to a freer, more mobile domestic life.

Stairway Types

Depending on the set of stairs you need a lift to negotiate, there are a variety of options that can help.

  • Indoor stairs vs. outdoor stairs: If a lift is exposed to the elements, there are obvious weatherproofing needs an indoor lift does not require.
  • Straight versus curved stairs: Many people think a curved staircase or one with a landing and turn are not suitable for a stairlift. They’re wrong. There are lifts that can negotiate virtually any type of staircase.
  • Narrow or steep stairs: These are especially common in older homes or basements. Lifts can be compact and designed to handle even the steepest pitch or the tightest corner of your home.

Let’s face it, a stairlift is also part of your home’s aesthetic. We understand these need to be more than functional. There are a variety of trims and styles to choose from that best suit your home’s décor.

Used/Reconditioned Stairlifts

Many times stairlifts are purchased, but are not used for the full life of the warranty. A used or reconditioned stairlift can be an economical alternative if purchasing a new lift presents a financial challenge.


The chairs we install on stairlifts are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, even if you’re only sitting in them for a few seconds. But comfort means more than a cushy chair. A stairlift will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind you will avoid hazardous trip-and-fall accidents in your home and help you maintain the independence you’ve always known.


All the stairlifts we sell and install are tested and guaranteed to function properly for the full life of their warranty. The reality is, life without a stairlift when you need one is the real safety hazard.


Stairlifts are customizable for your maximum comfort and ease of use. All stairlifts built today feature a swivel seat so individuals can turn toward away from the top of the stairs and towrd the landing before standing up. Safety sensors prevent the chair from going into motion until you’re properly seated and footrests and armrests help ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Remote ergonomic hand controls enable you to control the speed and timing of the lift with large, easily read control buttons. Each lift comes with a manufacturer-specified weight capacity to ensure the individuals using it will do so safely.


Our expert technicians have installed stairlifts in every environment conceivable. Trained installers will treat your home with the respect and care it deserves. We understand that every product is only as good as the people who install it. That’s why we only hire and train people who become an expert in the field and understand every step of the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most modern stairlifts use electric-powered rack and pinion motors that have proven safe, quiet and low maintenance.

Price varies by model and the individual staircase that requires a lift. Unfortunately, most health insurance policies, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not cover the cost of stairlift purchase and installation. However, if you or your loved one has a long term care policy (LTC), many of those plans DO cover stairlifts. There are also state-by-state programs that can help with the cost of purchase or installation. Contact your local senior services office and they can provide more information and assist with the application process.

Our expert technicians will complete an in-home assessment. Depending on the staircase itself, installation can be completed in as little as an afternoon. More complicated custom stairlifts for curved stairs can take multiple days to install.

Depending on the length of the the staircase, brackets are installed directly into the staircase and regular intervals, fastening the lift to the stairs. Stairlifts do NOT connect to the wall.  Some lifts require as few as three brackets, some as many as 10 depending on the length of the track.

Do you think a stairlift might be the right solution for your home? Schedule your free consultation today!


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