Heal Long-Term Wounds

Without Breaking The Bank

Stop turning away negative pressure patients. At Health System Services, we offer a cost-effective Negative Pressure Wound Therapy solution for half the price of competing systems.

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The WoundPro Control Unit

WoundPro control unit

Why Clinicians Love It!

  • Buttonology: Some would call it a "streamlined user interface", but ours is so simple, we just call it Buttonology
  • Iluminated canister is esy to remove, and built in illumination lets caregiver discretely monitor exudate levels
  • Automatic and continuous system provides constant checks with audible alarms for peace of mind
  • Portable size and EZ-clasp attachment to any IV pole or footboard

System Includes:

• WoundPro Control Unit

• Carrying Case

• Power Supply with 12' Cord

• Owners Manual

• Laminated Quick-Reference Card

• EZ-Clasp Attachment System

Average Facility Savings


Pensar WoundPro

Pump Rental $20 Per Day

Consumable $20 Per Day

Total $40 Per Day

Total Annual Cost $29,200

Other Guys

Pump Rental $50 Per Day  

Consumable $30 Per Day  

Total $80 Per Day  

Total Annual Cost $58,400

* 100 bed facility with average of 2 NPWT devices running 365 days per year

Benefits Of Our Therapy Solution:

Boost Admissions

Admit higher acuity patients that you previously turned away, making more efficient use of your facility space

Improve CMI

Lower your average cost per patient while more effectively allocating resources in a strategic manner

Enhance Profitability

Cost-effective care to a greater number of patients ultimately leads to an increase in your bottom line

Provide Quality Care

The WoundPro is the next generation of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Treatment

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