Capitated Equipment Programs

Implementing facility wide, and health system wide programs builds in efficiencies that allow us to pass significant cost savings on to our partners, lowering per unit costs, and making in-house care more straightforward. Always be ready for your next patient, with Capitated Lease Programs for nearly any part of your in-house formulary.

How can one decision simplify so many areas of facility operations?

Custom rates and formularies allow you to standardize care procedures at your facility, while arming your staff with equipment and tools they are comfortable with. 

Medical equipment in long term care can touch nearly every part of the organization. From admissions making sure your facility can handle a given patient, to purchasing placing the order, to maintenance staff repairing and keeping it clean, to clinical staff ordering and utilizing the equipment. All of these efforts cost your staff time, resources. Costs that could go to other places, patient care, capital improvements. 

Flat Monthly Fee

  • Rent, purchase, or lease, we will help you come up with a flat monthly rate, so you can project cashflows, and anticipate upcoming expenses
  • We will walk you through the benefits and trade-offs of rental purchase and lease options, based on how they affect your financial statements and quality of equipment on hand

Consolidated Formulary

  • Deciding on a limited custom formulary means you get what you want, and only what you want.
  • Implementing a consolidated formulary simplifies education, and decreases confusion on what should be ordered and how to use it

Simplified Education

  • We provide initial and ongoing education to clinical and maintenance staff on proper equipment use
  • Ongoing communication and education with your admissions team means your facility is able to say yes to more of the right patients

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Capital Equipment Program Overview

One less thing for you to worry about.

What We work with you to project out average equipment demand on a monthly basis, and come up with a PAR level consignment-style lease program that makes sure you are always ready to admit your next patient.

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We tailor long-term lease programs that fit your patients' needs and your facility's budget.  Always be prepared for your next admission, with clean, quality equipment on hand and ready to go.