System-Wide Equipment Solutions, around the corner.

Flexible rental and purchase programs to meet your needs.

Build in economies of scale that let us work as an extension of your team. Always be ready for your next patient, without expensive per diem fees and last-minute scrambling.

One less thing to worry about

  • Give your staff the confidence they will have the tools they need.
  • Thrill your referral sources by accommodating complex cases.
  • Prevent delays to keep beds filled and optimize your length of stay.
  • Optimize your utilization & spending on key items.

Plan Ahead and Make Equipment Simple

DME needs should not complicate your operation. Your staff should be able to get the critical items they need to take care of patients, without hassle.  Cash flow is tight and big capex purchases are not always an option.

Get the benefits of standardizing your fleet, and know where your next piece of equipment is coming from. We will help you plan ahead and manage the rest, so the right items are there when you need it.

Flexible Pricing Options

  • Rent, purchase, or lease, we will help you come up with a flat monthly rate, so you can simplify cashflows, and plan ahead.

Custom Formulary

  • Decide on a custom formulary to streamline operation and prevent staff confusion.

Simplified Education & Maintenance

  • We provide initial and ongoing education to clinical and maintenance staff on proper equipment use.
  • Ongoing communication and education with your admissions team means your facility is able to say yes to more of the right patients.

Facility Equipment & Rental Programs

Wound Therapy Solutions

Decrease the costs of admitting patients with long term wounds.

Respiratory Therapy Solutions

Accept patients with complex respiratory needs, and keep them out of the hospital.

Capitated Equipment Program

Always be prepared for your next admission, with clean, quality equipment on hand and ready to go.

Safe Patient Handling Program

Get the right equipment and education to keep staff and patients safe, and prevent costly comp cases.

Related Products

We tailor long-term lease programs that fit your patients' needs and your facility's budget.  Always be prepared for your next admission, with clean, quality equipment on hand and ready to go.