Preventive Maintenance for Long Term Care

State agencies toughening up survey requirements, along with recent cuts to maintenance staff and has left skilled nursing facilities short handed. We work with our partners to take this off their plate, which allows them to focus on more urgent building maintenance and more importantly, patient care.

Your job is to take care of patients. Keep things simple. Leave the equipment to us.

Protect against deficiencies with Survey-Ready equipment maintenance documentation, in accordance with manufacturer specifications.  Our Biomedical Engineering Technicians maintain and service the full spectrum of equipment found in the long term care setting. 

Track Inspection & Repair Information

We keep equipment lists updated and prepare survey-ready documentation according to manufacturer specifications.

Equipment Is Our Specialty

Our Biomedical Engineering Technicians specialize in a full spectrum of equipment used in the long term care setting, including tubs, ceiling tracks, and ventilators.

Plan Future Purchases

Have a full understanding of your in-house equipment, transparent financial comparisons of repairs and maintenance vs purchases and lease programs.

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Capitated Equipment Program

Always be prepared for your next admission, with clean, quality equipment on hand and ready to go.

Safe Patient Handling Program

Get the right equipment and education to keep staff and patients safe, and prevent costly comp cases.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Why do it yourself?

We have a team of Biomedical Engineering Technicians that specialize in equipment maintenance and repairs for Skilled Nursing Facilities.  We can help you project future equipment costs and take some pressure off your maintenance staff, so you can keep patients safe and meet survey requirements.