Respiratory Therapy Services and Equipment Buffalo

Referral sources need patients with COPD and other respiratory comorbidities discharged to a safe and stable setting.  Attract discharges and keep hospital readmissions in check by providing quality respiratory support.

Increase PDPM Reimbursment with Respiratory Therapy Programs

In today’s competitive environment, hospitals and health systems are building deep partnerships with long term care facilities that are willing to accept a variety of complex patients.  In the past, these cases have been difficult to accept, due to the high costs of associated services and therapies.

We help our partner facilities plan ahead by implementing best practice procedures, and proactive education to ensure you are building a safe and successful respiratory program. 

Our respiratory therapists available per diem to your facility, regularly scheduled staff education and training on equipment and best practices, and equipment fleet consolidation to decrease costs and make care more seamless for patients and staff.

Diversify Your Therapies

As long term care facilities become more highly acute, facilities are seeing reimbursement revenue increase for patients using a wider range of therapies.

Decrease Hospital Readmissions

Decrease risk of readmission by getting ahead of respiratory comorbidities.  We remotely monitor our patients for trouble signs, comfort, and compliance and route that information back to your clinical team.

Per Diem Respiratory Therapy Services

Leverage our staff of respiratory therapists to help scale your program, oversee and train clinical staff, and check in with complex respiratory patients.

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Non-Invasive COPD Management

Decrease the costs of admitting chronic respiratory patients. Increase facility acuity and PDPM reimbursement with clinical, admissions, and documentation training.

Lease Oxygen Concentrators

We tailor long-term lease programs that fit your patients' needs and your facility's budget.  Always be prepared for your next admission, with clean, quality equipment on hand and ready to go.

Buffalo Respiratory Equipment and Therapy Services

With every reimbursement challenge, comes opportunity.

We will work with your data to help you understand how managed respiratory therapy services can affect your reimbursment levels under PDPM, budgeting and cost structure, and patient care.

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Medical Billing & Ostomy Supplies

Individually packaged patient specific totes, white glove delivery and inventory on each unit, concierge customer service experience from reimbursement experts set us apart and make for a seamless experience for our longterm care customers.

All you have to do is look in the blue tote.